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Building a More Flood Resilient Iowa

Flood control and mitigation are expensive, but reacting to disasters after they occur is even more costly – in dollars, lost economic potential, and human suffering. Building a More Flood Resilient Iowa, to be held Sunday, July 28th starting at 1:00pm at Swiss Valley Nature Center, will put the significance of Iowa's flooding problem in perspective and raise awareness of the need to continue working together to improve our flood resilience.

Participants will learn about the IFC developed Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) online tool that provides real-time flood alerts and forecasts to more than 1,000 communities, supports a growing network of more than 250 stream sensors, and provides weather conditions for current and past rainfall accumulations. In addition, those in attendance will learn about the $97 million Iowa Watershed Approach program that is working to reduce flood risks, improve water quality, and build community flood resilience across the state.

Presented by the Iowa Flood Center.

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