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Monarchs in Mexico

The Dubuque Audubon Society will present Monarchs in Mexico Thursday, Dec. 10 at 7:00 pm at EB Lyons Interpretive Center. Any and all ages are welcome to attend this free program.

You saw them in your yards and natural areas in September. Now, take an arm-chair tour of the monarch butterflies' wintering site in the Trans-volcanic region of Mexico. In addition to the astonishing spectacle of overwintering monarch colonies near the villages of Chincua and LaSalud, you will visually visit historic sites including the Tzintzuntzan Pyramid and Paracutin Volcano. Contemporary sites such as a village market and a hacienda with the mission to reforest mountainsides in the overwintering area were also part of the tour. There have been political, economic, and public safety changes in Mexico since I participated in this 2009 visit to Michoacan, Mexico. We will briefly discuss how these changes have impacted the monarch sites.

The program is presented by Ann Burns, who recently retired as the environmental education coordinator for Jackson County Conservation. She continues to be involved with education and natural resources as a substitute teacher and a volunteer surveyor/monitor of frogs and toads, wintering bald eagles, bald eagle nests, sandhill cranes, bats, Prairie Creek water quality, and native plant populations - and of course, a monarch tagger!

Call 563.556.6745 with any questions.

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