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Great gifts for beloved seniors

By the time they reach senior status, many adults have amassed a ton of stuff along with their irreplaceable knowledge. Come their golden years, grandparents and other aging loved ones probably don't need much in the way of material possessions, which can make it challenging to find them holiday gifts. 

Finding great gifts for seniors may take a little more effort, but with these ideas at the ready, it's likely gift-givers can make this holiday merry for everyone on their shopping lists.

Family photo memories
Many seniors love to talk about their life histories. What better way to be the catalyst for conversation than to create a photo album that chronicles their lives? Photos can be included alongside historical documents, such as old school projects, military discharge papers, awards, and even genealogical information. Photo puzzles, photo calendars and any home decor with a photo printed on it are variations on this theme.

Assistance gifts
Seniors want to remain as independent as possible. By giving items that help them do just that, you can bring smiles to their faces.

One idea is motion-sensing light switches and fixtures. If and when nature calls in the middle of the night, hallways or bathrooms can be illuminated effortlessly.

Shower and bathroom grab bars are another idea. These provide extra security and stability when getting in and out of the shower or when using the toilet.

For seniors who just need a little extra reach, a grab tool can easily snag packages from a top shelf or pick up items that may have dropped to the floor, eliminating bending or straining.

Practical technology
Seniors may not be as immersed in technology as young people, but they purchase their share of gadgets and increasingly rely on tech to get through the day. To free up more time for rest and relaxation, invest in an iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum. This simple device will clean floors easily, moving from room to room without the need for a bulky canister or upright vacuum.

Consider an easy-to-use tablet, pre-loaded with handy applications. Grandparents can use video chatting to keep in touch with grandchildren living across the country. Easily refill prescription medication with a pharmacy app just a click away. Stream favorite movies or channels through video streaming sites, like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Tablets tend to be lightweight, portable and user-friendly.

Personal care
Even independent seniors may benefit from a little extra companionship and assistance when family members are not able to make frequent visits. Hiring a visiting care worker, who can do everything from organizing pills to making dinner to tackling some laundry, can provide the help seniors need with their daily errands.

Seniors are a thriving and growing demographic. It may seem challenging to purchase gifts for older loved ones, but with a little know-how, it's easy to find the right present.

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